KES Environmental Management System Standard

side6Wave Technology Co., Ltd. passed the examination by NPO KES Environmental Organization and obtained “KES Environmental Management Standard Step 1” on August 2008.

About KES

KES is an Environmental Management Standard in Japan. It is a system that set in corporate/school management for reduction and management of environmental footprint.  The standard has Step1 and Strep 2, and the requirements for Step 2 are exactly the same as for the international standard, ISO14001.

Environmental Declaration

Basic Principles

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. recognizes that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues shared by all mankind. We, in one united body, make effort to reduce environmental load.


Wave Technology Co., Ltd. promotes environmental managed activities based on the following policy, and aims to achieve a coexistence with the global environment, in order to reduce our environmental footprint resulting from all of our activities including the design, manufacture and sale of semiconductor inspection devices.

  1. Wave Technology Co., Ltd. promotes the prevention of environmental pollution and continues to enhance environmental management activities backed by a constant awareness of the impact of our business activities, products, and services have on the environment.
  2. Wave Technology Co., Ltd. complies with relevant laws, regulations and any other requirements in regards to the environment in connection with our business activities, products, and services.
  3. Wave Technology Co., Ltd. addresses the following as key issues in regards to the environmental impact in connection with our business activities, products, and services.
  4. Wave Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to familiarize all the employees and disclose this environmental declaration to the general public so that every one of us can play an activity role in efforts to reduce our environmental load.

In order to achieve the above policy, Wave Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to establish and periodically review our goals to promote our environmental activities.

Established: April 1, 2008
Wave Technology Co., Ltd.
Yoshiaki Aoshima

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