4Gbits of buffer memory (standard) is installed in Y3000 device programmers.
Extensive lineup of products that works for your manufacturing environment:
We offer three types: 4, 8, and 16 corresponding to the number of attachable socket adopters.


Target Devices

・Y3000 supports various devices such as NOR flash, NAND flash, and flash mounted microcontrollers

・Please refer to the page “Device Support Search” for its current target devices.

Buffer Memory

Standard Buffer Memory:4Gbits
(Expandable option up to 16Gbits)

Easy and User-friendly Operation

High-efficient GUI is provided on your PC screen, with comprehensive displays of data including PASS/FAIL results, checksum, and number of processing.

010 y3000


Built-in verification mode capable of repeat tests

Product Mode

Batch file management for device, master data and checksum value
Mistakes in setting by an operator can be reduced.
We provide operation mode easier to handle than manual mode.

011 Y3000 product-a011 Y3000 product-b

Test Mode

Built-in test mode is prepared for testing devices including remote test and VCC margin test.
Our products are utilized by device manufacturers.

Test mode

Serial Data Programming

Software for writing various serial data (unique ID) for each device is available based on the specifications you request.
※Charged customization

Serial data programming

Remote Control

We provide the information on remote control interface for external control of Y3000.

Remote Control

Automated programming system can be achieved in your original style.


 Number of Simultaneous Writing Y3000-4 :Maximum capacity - 4 socket adapters
Y3000-8 :Maximum capacity - 8 socket adapters
Y3000-16 :Maximum capacity - 16 socket adapters
 Buffer Memory standard 4Gbits
(Expandable option up to 16Gbits)
 Target Device NOR-Flash(Parallel, Serial), NAND-Flash
EEPROM, Flash mounted microcontroller and etc.
 Data Format Binary Data
(INTEL-HEX, Motorola_S:Conversion software available)
 PC Environment WindowsXP, Windows7(32bit)
(Custom algorithm available upon request)
 External Interface USB1.1
 Power Supply AC85~265V 50/60Hz 200VA
 Dimension/Weight Y3000-4 :(W)350×(D)215×(H)100mm 3.6㎏
Y3000-8 :(W)330×(D)310×(H)95mm 4.5㎏
Y3000-16:(W)550×(D)330×(H)100mm 7.4㎏
※Excluding adapter base and socket adapters
 Operating Temperature Range 10~35℃
 Environment RoHS compliant

Y3000 catalog can be downloaded from the link below.
Y3000-4 catalog download
Y3000-8 catalog download
Y3000-16 catalog download

Please refer to the page “Socket Adapter” for socket adapters installed in the main unit of programmer.

Please refer to the page “Device Support Search” for the target devices of Y3000 series.

Please refer to the page “Device Support System” for the initial device support

Please refer to the page “PH Series” for Y3000 automated handlers.
We also provide the automatic handling programmer WH-382 equipped with 2 units of Y3000-8.
Specifications of handler for WH-382 are similar to that of WH-582.
Please refer to the page “WH-582” for details.

Please refer to the page “Inquiry Form” for inquiries on Y3000 series.

Product Information

Device Support Search

Support Information

Company Information

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