Wave Technology Co., Ltd. recognizes that private information protection is important. We safeguard your personal information based on the following policy.

Handling of Personal Information

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to safeguard your personal information. We take any necessary step and appropriate measure to protect your private information from hacking, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage.

Purposes for Use of Personal Information

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. may use your personal information to provide various services within the scope of our business activities.
We will use your personal information only for the purposes specified below.。

Main Purposes for Use of Personal Information

・Shipping Products
・Responses to Inquiries
・Introductions of our products and services via direct mails as well as e-mails
・Data Preparation
・Any other purpose you have agreed

Third-Party Supply of Personal Information

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless:
・you have agreed to such provision;
・your personal information is needed by any contractor with which Wave Technology Co., Ltd.  entrusts  its customer service;
・personal information is statistically processed and an individual cannot be identified;
・disclosure of personal information is required by legal order;
・in case of emergency likely to damage to one’s lives, bodies, property or honor.

Use of Cookies

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. may use cookies to provide you a better website.
A cookie itself is not capable of specifying individuals, and will not invade your privacy.

Collection of IP Addressing and Access Log

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. collects the access log to this website.
We will not use the data to specify individuals.
The data are used for statistics concerning the website operation, as well as analytical investigation of hacking.

Links to Other Websites

This website may contain links to enable you to visit other websites, though Wave Technology Co., Ltd. cannot be responsible for the protection of your personal information which you provide such websites.

Amendment Notice

Wave Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to comply with relevant laws, regulations and any other requirements in Japan in regards to personal information we have, as well as to review the privacy policy from time to time for its improvement.
In case that there is any amendment to the privacy policy, Wave Technology Co., Ltd. will service notice on you.

Correction of Your Personal Information

In case that there is any error or change in your personal information,
please request us for the correction via our inquiry form of this website,
or contact with a sales representative of Wave Technology Co., Ltd.
In that case, as a measure to prevent your personal information from illegal acquisition and falsification by any third party, we may check your identification.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

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