Please check “Device Support Search” to find the status of support for your device.


※1… Please inform us in advance in case of any special setting or specification.
NAND flash memory specifications may differ depending on the system implementation for the device.Please prepare the necessary information in advance on handling bad blocks, the existence of the allowance of bit error, and etc.
※2… Please note that it may take days for us to confirm whether we can meet your request.
※3… Charges may cost for developing socket adapters corresponding to the number of your purchase.
※4… Charges may cost for device supports corresponding to the number of man-hours that we spend for the work.
Please prepare the sample device available to us.

Costs for Device Support / Costs for Updating

Costs for Device Support

The initial cost for device support:
Charges may cost corresponding to the number of man-hours.

Costs for Updating on the Spot

We will send you the latest revision of update files.
You can configure all the standard devices that we have already supported.

Annual Charge for Updates (Recommended)

You can update anytime in the year under contract.

Product Information

Device Support Search

Support Information

Company Information

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