Device Programmer (Manual Type) K5000


Catalog DownloadK5000 is the GANG programmer with 8 sockets capable of high speed programming on the highest level in the industry. It is installed approximately 240Gbits writer buffer memory as a standard.
It is the manual device programmer so effective for flash memories including NOR and NAND.


Concurrent Programming for up to 8 devices

High Speed Processing

・Fastest processing speed in close proximity of the specification
・Time saving for master data transfer by USB2.0

High Speed Processing

Supports High-capacity Memory

Built-in Buffer Memory:Approximately 240Gbits
Expandable option capable to more than 1Tbits in future

Easy-to-use Operation Software

Further improvement in GUI of the popular Y3000 to achieve better operability

Easy-to-use operation software


Built-in test mode capable of repeat test and etc.



 Number of simultaneous writing  up to 8 units
 Buffer Memory  standard 240Gbits
(expandable option in the future)
 Target Device  NOR-Flash(Parallel, Serial), NAND-Flash
(Targeting at eMMC, Flash mounted microcontrollers as required in future)
 Data Format  Binary data
(INTEL-HEX, Motorola_S:Conversion software available)
 PC Environment  WindowsXP, Windows7(32bit)
(Custom algorithm available upon request)
External Interface  USB2.0
 Power-Supply  AC85~265V
 Dimension/Weight  (W)330×(D)310×(H)75mm 3.2㎏
※Excluding fan and protrusions
※Excluding adapter base and socket adapters
 Operating Temperature Range  10~35℃
 Environment  RoHS compliant

Download K5000 catalog from "K5000 catalog download"

Please refer to the page "Socket Adapter" for socket adapters installed in the main unit of programmer.

Please refer to the page "Device Support Search" for the target devices of K5000.

Please refer to the page “Device Support System” for the initial device support.

WH-582 is the automated handler equipped with K5000.Please refer to the page "WH-582"

Please refer to the page “Inquiry Formfor inquiries on K5000.

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